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Financial Institutions Training Courses

The training course prepares the participants to participate to the exams of the Charterd Institute of Securities & Investments and covers the general principles of business risk, the influence of corporate governance, key international regulatory frameworks and techniques of risk management and includes operational, credit, market, investment and liquidity risks.
http://www.quintessence.com.cy/?wp=previous-seminars-enCourse Overview: Many lending institutions across the world are still burdened with a high level of actual or potential non-performing loans or other credit exposures. In these situations, lenders need to maximize their recovery rates and optimize their long term returns, subject to prevailing insolvency laws, the lender’s own capital situation and sometimes to the wider interests of other stakeholders in the firm. 

Course description: In this course we consider the business implications of using internal methods for restructuring loans. Within the context of the EU’s CRDIV/Basel III compliance regime, we take delegates through the process of how loans are meant to be passed through an internal credit ratings system. As this is a technical affair, we employ spreadsheets to demonstrate the implications of this process, comparing it with situations where loans deteriorate in quality. We then outline how loans can be recapitalized and provisioned within this internal ratings framework. Additionally, we provide significant commentary and discussion on the overall implications of these new compliance measures on the business models of banks in Cyprus and the EU in general. 

The global financial crisis in 2008 demonstrated the importance of adequate risk management in the financial institutions. Since that time, new risk management standards have been published, including the international standard, ISO 31000 ‘Risk management – Principles and guidelines’. This guide draws together these developments to provide a structured approach to implementing enterprise risk management (ERM).

A two-day course, specially designed and adapted for the needs of financial institutions, approved and subsidized by the Human Resource Development Authority takes place beginning of 2016.