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Qualified Safety Consultants
Laboratory Safety
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Occupational Safety and Health

A program recognized by the Department of Labour Inspection of the government of Cyprus as a qualification to demonstrate compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Legislation.

This program has been designed for managers, supervisors and Health and Safety Practitioners who require a basic knowledge and understanding of health and safety principles and practices. It provides a broad knowledge for non-specialists in occupational health and safety to enable them to manage more effectively their organizational duties or functions with respect to workplace health and safety.

The program is also suitable for those embarking on a career in health and safety as in-house or third party consultants.
Safety in the Laboratory is an extended course providing a broader overview of laboratory safety fundamentals of laboratory hazards, regulatory requirements and preventive measures. You will learn to identify and manage common laboratory hazards; many of which you may never have considered.  Using a "real world" approach to safety issues in the laboratory, we will illustrate how to reduce the likelihood of injury, illness, accidents and lawsuits while providing you with simple practicesthat you can follow to have an even better safety program.