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06 February 2016
Εκπαιδευτικά Προγράμματα Quintessence Enterprises Ltd, A' εξάμηνο 2016
Δείτε τον κατάλογο με τα Εκπαιδευτικά...
25 January 2016
Modern Winemaking Theoretical and Practical Observations Workshop
27 participants from 15 wineries attended the workshop in modern winemaking, delivered and facilidated by Stephen Clarke, Oenologist and winemaker in the Adelaide University in Australia. More than 100...

Upcoming Seminars

29/2, 1/3 & 7/3 2016
Maurice Ewing, Globally Experienced Risk Executive & Data Science Team Leader
Course Overview: Many lending institutions across the world are still burdened with a high level of actual or potential non-performing loans or other credit exposures. In these situations, lenders need to maximize their recovery rates and optimize their long term returns, subject to prevailing insolvency laws, the lender’s own capital situation and sometimes to the wider interests of other stakeholders in the firm. 

Course description: In this course we consider the business implications of using internal methods for restructuring loans. Within the context of the EU’s CRDIV/Basel III compliance regime, we take delegates through the process of how loans are meant to be passed through an internal credit ratings system. As this is a technical affair, we employ spreadsheets to demonstrate the implications of this process, comparing it with situations where loans deteriorate in quality. We then outline how loans can be recapitalized and provisioned within this internal ratings framework. Additionally, we provide significant commentary and discussion on the overall implications of these new compliance measures on the business models of banks in Cyprus and the EU in general.

30/3 & 6/4, 2016
Petros Florides, Chartered FCSI
A two-day training course in Risk in Financial Services organised by Quintessence Enterprises Ltd and presented by Petros Florides, Chartered FCSI, provides a comprehensive overview and explanation of the major risk areas in financial services. The course is suitable for anybody working in financial services, irrespective of level or discipline.

The course addresses both international and local issues within the sphere of managing risk in financial services, and provides a sound grounding in the principles of the risk management and its role in effective corporate governance. It covers specific techniques used in identifying, reducing and managing: operational risk, credit risk, market risk, investment risk and liquidity risk.

Risk in Financial Services is suitable for risk and compliance teams, branch management, corporate lawyers, finance officers, senior managers of all disciplines and existing and aspiring non-executive directors.

Petros Florides is an honours graduate in Accountancy, a Chartered Management Accountant, a diploma-holding member of the Institute of Directors and a Certificant of the Institute of Risk Management. He sits on the Ethics & Risk and Human Resource & Training Committees of the Cyprus Investment Funds Association. He is a co-founder of the CISI’s Cyprus National Advisory Council (NAC).

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 Trends in Drug Research
  32nd Cyprus – Noordwijkerhout - Camerino Symposium
  May 18-22, 2014, Limassol, Cyprus
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