bertil magnusson

Started as a marine chemist looking for traces of metals in the Oceans, rivers, lakes, and rain in the 70’s….

At that time clean room and clean sampling was something totally new in the chemical laboratory. After PhD he joined a chemical company, Eka Chemicals within AKZO-NOBEL and worked there as a specialist in analytical chemistry mainly with spectroscopy (XRF; XRD, ICP) and wet chemistry. The work included support for all laboratories within the company in Europe and America.

In 2002 Bertil joined SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden and is currently working with quality in measurements, Metrology in Chemistry, a research area on international comparability and traceability of chemical measurement results. Main issue is here to participate in international cooperation between national metrology institutes. A major part is teaching and writing guidelines and research papers regarding measurement quality.  Important part of his work is education for analytical laboratories in QA/QC. In Nordic cooperation he has written a handbook on Measurement Uncertainty for Environmental laboratories, Nordtest tecn report 537, and a Handbook for Internal Quality Control for Environmental Laboratories, report 569. Bertil is also working with is primary measurement using Isotope-Dilution ICP-MS, XRF and conductivity. Since 2002 member of Eurachem and from 2009 vice-chair. Participates in working group on Measurement uncertainty and Traceability and working group on Validation. Since 2005 participated in TrainmiC® ( as national ambassador and member of the Editorial board.