Michael Koch

Dr.-Ing- Michael Koch is a graduate of Chemistry at the University of Stuttgart with his Thesis in the field of water chemistry. He Graduated as a Dr.-Ing. with the subject “Komplexchemisches und bakterientoxisches Verhalten von Schwermetallphosphonatkomplexen”.

 Michael Koch is the Chair of the Hydrochemistry and Analytical Quality Assurance Baden-Württemberg” (CH / AQS) at the Institute for Sanitary Engineering, Water Quality and Solid Waste.

 He is a lecturer and course facilitator for training courses in the fields of Ecological Chemistry, Biology and Chemistry, Chemistry of Water and Wastewater, Analytick of Water and Wastewater, Environmental Analysis, Quality Assurance in Analytical Chemistry, Industrial Waste Water, Water Analysis and Analytical Quality Control. Michael delivers a series of seminars in Waste Water Sampling, Quality Assurance in Analytical Chemistry in General, Estimation of Measurement Uncertainties, Usage of Quality Control Charts, Sampling techniques,Traceability and Certified Reference Materials, Quality Management, Statistics for Analytical Chemists, Calibration, Validation of Analytical Operation.