Trends in Hospitality Operations & Asset Management in the post-covid era

Quintessence Enterprises Ltd and Peter Alatsas , (CEO at OWL) present the online training Course: “Trends in Hospitality Operations & Asset Management in the post-covid era”, as a three-day HRDA online training program of High Importance.

The course is being delivered online οn  June 2022 followed by half-day online visits to support the participating hotels to implement modern practices and respond to the challenge of the new era in hospitality.

Continuous support to the participants is provided by the asynchronous online platform at where the training and supporting material are available.

Program code


Program numbering


Duration: 14h the seminar plus

4h the online visits


14, 21 & 28 of June 2022

08:30 – 14:00

Venue: Zoom platform

HRDA Beneficiaries(1):  €00,00 + VAT(2)

More than 3 participants : €500+VAT (3)

Non HRDA Beneficiaries: €750,00+ VAT (4)

*(1) Up to 3 participants per company

(2)The VAT is calculated over the amount of €1.530,00

(3) Per person

(4) On line visit not included

The aim
this program

Why should you attend this program?

We are in uncharted waters, yet hospitality leaders need to take decisive action to ensure their organizations are resilient. How will COVID-19 accelerate or redirect the hospitality industry over the next three to five years?

The aim of this seminar is to help leaders prepare for a future no one can predict and clarify the potential implications of choices.

Staying a minimum of 1.5 metres apart remains the norm, however, a bigger amount of people are allowed to enter public places. Hotels, restaurants, theme parks and cinema’s are opening their properties again, depending on the demand and cost-profit outlook. Although people are reluctant to travel, there are positive signs, such as an increase in the occupancy rates and a significant increase in ‘staycation’ and ‘holistay’ concepts supporting the local hospitality community.

The training

Why this program?

With uncertainty over economic recovery, and global fears of continuing COVID-19 spread and its future waves, the hospitality industry was among the first industries affected, and it will be among the last industries to recover.

Since public health concerns started to escalate in mid-February 2020, hotels all over the globe have lost room revenues. As of summer 2020, half or more hotel rooms remain empty and almost half of the hotel industry employees are still not working.

As of this tremendous reformation, the forthcoming post-COVID-19 era is an extraordinary challenge and the hotels need to prepare to recover and continue operating  in a completely new environment.

the As of this severe disaster the recovery is a need for this training arises from the need to improve the existing management models of the hotels so they will be able to become competitive to the new socio-economic economic environment.

The comparative advantages of the neighbouring countries (mainly Turkey and Egypt), and the fact that it is extremely hard to compete, Cyprus should highlight its competitive advantages which need to be emerged and put into practice. Amongst other benefits, this will increase the possibility of attracting new investors.

This seminar will introduce participants to the concepts and methodologies of management models in hotel industry and will assist them to understand how Hotel Operations Management (HAM) can be implemented in the workplace and how they will be able to introduce this new position into the hotel’s leadership pyramid.

Hotel Asset Management elements to be emphasised in this seminar are the following:

  • Operations performance reviews 
  • Hotel management supervision and coaching
  • Benchmarking and best practices
  • Review of staff capability, qualifications, and performance
  • Strategic planning in hotel operations
  • Sales & Marketing plan monitoring and advisory

Who should attend?

Who you meet and interact with in the seminar?

  • Hotel general managers,
  • Hotel operators and operation Managers,
  • Hotel owners and/or their representatives,
  • Directors in the tourism industry and hospitality services.

Course Facilitator

Who motivates you develop new knowledge?

Peter Alatsas

Hospitality Operations and Asset Management Consultant


How you will transform your cognitive profile?

Participants will be able to:


1. Clarify the difference between the duties and responsibilities of the Hotel General Manager and the Asset Manager/Owner Representative

2. Identify the synergistic effect and relevant added value of the cooperation of the Hotel General Manager and the Asset Manager/Owner Representative

3. Distinguish the Hospitality Asset Management role and Asset Management processes

4. Distinguish the difference between skills and competencies of the Asset Manager

5. Identify the requirements and apply advanced skills and competencies for overseeing and evaluating the hospitality business effectively


1. Analyze Operating Income Statements and manage systems and apply techniques (Revenue Management and Six Sigma) to realizing human behavior and human potential thus maximizing profitability

2. Compare how culture and change affects decision making (productivity) and leadership (motivation) of human resources

3. Formulate how new demographics, innovations and advancements in technology affect management and the future of hotel operations

4. Differentiate Marketing and Branding from selling, and develop various techniques and approaches used to increase image awareness and sales potential

5. Benchmarking operations’ performance

6. Develop technical, human and conceptual skills, necessary for the Management of the hotel assets

7. Develop the ability to connect ideas and events and interpreting them in ways for people to understand

8. Manage by examples the changes and make decisions on evaluating and overseeing the business effectively


1.Drive the overall financial results of hotel assets and optimize the return on investment

2. Challenge the status quo in local market, and turn the hotel property or project into a market leader

3. Cultivate positive mental attitude to think, observe and behave

4. Cultivate corporate culture and foster people reach their true potential.


Which are the new cognitive subjects?

The topics to be discussed in this semirar on the future of the hospitality sector post COVID-19, focusing in Cyprus are:

What are the most prominent trends in hospitality today and what will the new customers’ demands be?

How are hotels adapting their business operations to receive travellers and go back to business but still remaining sustainable?

What are the best ways to gain guests’ confidence back?

What is the role of technology in the process? 

Day 1

Introduction and overview
Operations performance reviews
Business Evaluation and Oversight
The Hotel General Manager and the Asset Manager/Owner Representative: Duties, Responsibilities, Distinctive Roles, Synergistic effects, Value Added Activities
Hotel management supervision and coaching
Professionalism; Principles & Foundation
How are skills different than competencies and what are the basic requirements, essential skills and competencies for overseeing and evaluating a business effectively?
Benchmarking and best practices
Performance Measurement & Improvement methodologies (Practical application of the Revenue Management & Six Sigma principles)
What to look for in operating income statements and how enabling systems (Revenue Management and Six Sigma) contribute to maximizing human potential and profitability?

Day 2

Review of staff capability, qualifications and performance

3.1 Revenue Management/Data Analysis and demand Tracking

3.2 Process improvement/ Six Sigma methodology

In-Class Exercise

Develop Key Performance Indicators custom-made for the Hospitality Industry

  • Business Evaluation
  • Professionalism
  • Performance Measurement & Improvement

How culture and change affect decision-making (productivity) and the leadership of human resources? (Motivation)
Strategic Planning in hotel operations
How new demographics, innovations (creativity) and advancements in technology affect managing and the future of hotel oper-ations?

Culture & Leadership, Symbiotic Leadership/Freedom within the framework, Proposed modus Operandi

Day 3

Sales & Marketing plan monitoring and advisory
How is Marketing and Branding different from selling, and how proven techniques and approaches are used to increase image awareness and sales potential? Marketing & Selling, Perspectives on Branding & Luxury, Marketing & Communications, Lessons for newly appointed hotel General Manag-ers, Perspectives on Branding & Luxury, Marketing & Communications.

In-Class Exercise: Symbiotic leadership

Role playing

Developing global leaders in the HAM sector

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